Metal rack for VIKING LIGHTING

METAL RACK for VIKING LIGHTING   This durable metal accessory is useful at the construction site.   Compact, adjustable height max 3,1m, 2 segments Material: Steel with zinc coating Max load: 15kg Weight: 4,2kg  
Example of use of Metal rack
Metal stand for VIKING Lighting is durable accessory for lighting fixture. It fits to VIKING Lighting and allows for use of lamp on the heigh. The material for construction of rack is weather proof. As you may see on the photo, the rack is used outdoors during the snowy night in Sweden.

During outdoors work, such as snow removal, it is worth to illuminate the operating area.

Viking Lighting is lightweight and portable fixture. In addition, if we place the lamps on the stand, we can also completely enter another place.

Let's remember that the stand is light, but solutions. This will keep outdoors chores running and take less time.

The snow, water or dust does not impact the work of VIKING Lighting and its accessories. Typically our products can efficiently operate in ambient temperatures from minus 20°C up to plus 50°C.  
Metal rack is bought together with holder
Metal stand has to be accompanied with the universal holder for VIKING Lighting:
[caption id="attachment_3280" align="alignnone" width="300"]VIKING lighting was mounted on a metal stand with a metal holder VIKING lighting was mounted on a metal stand with a metal holder[/caption]

Universal holder

UNIVERSAL  HOLDER   The metal lamp holder allows you to fix VIKING lamps, for example, in a workshop. Made of durable metal and is equipped with shock-resistant reinforced plastic knobs. This type of holder can be efficiently used outdoors and indoors, too.

Thanks to this accessory, you can easily and safely mount VIKING LIGHTING lighting on a metal stand or other surface.

  [caption id="attachment_3334" align="alignnone" width="266"]universal holder universal holder[/caption] Universal holder is an accessory which is typically used with the metal stand for the VIKING Lighting. By attaching the metal holder to a lighting fixture you can easily place it on a metal stand.  

Wheather proof lighting equipment

As you may see at the picture below, our lighting equipment is weather proof. We've tested VIKING Lighting for resistance to high and low temperatures. VIKING Lighting with an LED light source works at temperatures minus 30° C to 50° C. Therefore, VIKING lighting is a long-lasting piece of equipment. Our lighting can be connected to power by the 10-meter-long oil-resistant cable. All the above features make VIKING Lighting practical for outdoors works.  

Additional advantages 

Everyone who needs bright light outdoors can use VIKING Lighting indoors due to low heat emission. For VIKING, we use milky shades. Thus, in effect, we manufacture glare-free lighting. In this way can ensure the comfort of work. Moreover, the lamps can be easily arranged in series because a few lighting pieces can be connected with an additional socket. The length of the lighting chain depends on the type of cable. For example, for cable 3G1.5 you can connect 25 fixtures of VIKING LIGHTING in one row. Please note that the socket is on the opposite side of the cable. However, there can be a different assembly where we can put the socket and the cable outlet on one side of the fixture. In addition, at the customer's order, we can deliver a lighting piece with the cable in the PCV coating or the cable with the screen protection. [caption id="attachment_3280" align="alignnone" width="300"]VIKING lighting was mounted on a metal stand with a metal holder VIKING lighting was mounted on a metal stand with a metal holder[/caption]

Mounting straps L=800mm

MOUNTING STRAPS LENGTH 800MM   These types of straps the lighting accessory that fits any type of VIKING Lighting. Consequently, they are very often used in medical and military tents and shelters. The reason behind its popularity is that the mounting straps allow you to attach VIKING Lighting to the tent sheathing. Straps are made of textile and the fastening is made of durable plastic. Therefore, this accessory is long-lasting. VIKING Lighting in field hospital VIKING Lighting in field hospital - level 1  

The VIKING Lighting which is popular among the users of tents

We must admit that these lamps together with lighting accessories are typically used by rescue teams or medical personnel. Therefore, the professionals have chosen the VIKING Lighting LED type L212 for many years. Mostly, because it is a lightweight but durable lighting piece. Of course, our lighting fixture can be mounted in a tent on mounting straps. That is why mounting straps are the easiest and fastest solution to firmly place the lighting on the tent ceiling. [caption id="attachment_3332" align="alignnone" width="300"]mounting straps for lighting mounting straps for lighting[/caption] For more information on LED lamps please see: In addition, it is worth mentioning that VIKING Lighting has been combat-proven. It means that several rescue teams from different countries on a few continents in natural disasters. The typical natural disasters are earthquakes, heavy winds, and heavy snow for instance. However, VIKING Lighting has been used also during accidents, as well as construction collapses. Therefore, it’s well-known in Sweden, Germany, Japan, and France or Armenia. Please note that VIKING Lighting and its accessories have a history of more than 30 years. Above all, please find more info can be found at  

Advantages of VIKING Lighting

Moreover, the light is shadowless. Therefore, it can be efficiently used in medical tents with mounting straps. We have used the opal diffuser. As a result of use of the milky cover, doctors and medical staff are not exposed to the glare effect. This effect is commonly referred to as 'blinding'. In addition, there are other features such as the lightweight aluminum housing which protect the lighting from heating up.   In conclusion, it has to be noted that the medical services appreciate natural light. VIKING Lighting gives a bright, white light with a value of 4000°K. Please note that the above value corresponds to the parameters of natural light. In conclusion, we highly recommend VIKING Lighting as a medical tent lighting.  

Mounting straps with a loop L=1000mm

MOUNTING STRAPS WITH A LOOP L=1000mm   Mounting straps for VIKING Lighting are the straps with a loop of length 1000mm, sold in the set with handles. The strap is useful to mount the lighting under the ceiling. Usually, it is made of textile fabric with a durable plastic buckles. It can be customized upon the customer's order. Suitable for all types of VIKING lighting. [caption id="attachment_2408" align="alignnone" width="303"]Strap VIKING VIKING Lighting daisy chain on straps in a medical military tent[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3305" align="alignnone" width="300"]Mounting straps with a loop Mounting straps with a loop[/caption]

Magnet holder Ø105mm


Key features:

Magnet holder is a practical accessory for VIKING Lighting. It enables mounting a lamp on a vertical surface. The process of placing the fixture is fast. Moreover, it allows for fixing the light source without the need for additional stands or masts. The magnet used for this holder is very strong. Therefore, the holder is able to keep a weight of ca 2kg, which is the average weight of the VIKING lamp. We have attached the magnet holder to the metal frame in the picture below. The VIKING Lighting was then mounted. This solution was successfully used in a horse stable. Because the lighting was placed high and firmly allowing the comfortable work with the animal.


The magnet holder is, in our opinion, universal. Our opinion comes from its compatibility with all types of VIKING Lighting fixtures.  

Supplementary products:

Magnet holder  Ø105mm is a practical addition to the workshop stand 110865/A. In the picture below, please see how the VIKING Lighting is fixed to the holder attached to the workshop stand. For more information about the stand, please visit the link Interestingly, one can put the magnet holder on a workshop rack, as presented in the photo below. Please bear in mind that VIKING Lighting is dustproof. In addition, it can efficiently work in the splashes of water. The oilproof cable helps work in dirty spaces such as workshop garages or horse stables. VIKING Lighting can be used in muddy or greasy areas. The magnetic holder can also be used on various flat metal surfaces.

Additional features:

The magnet holder can be covered with a removable lid made of rubber. Moreover, this lid helps prevent the metal surface from scratching. Also, cleaning it is easy with any popular detergent because this rubber part is removable. In conclusion, we recommend accessories for VIKING Lighting as a handle facilitator of the rough works.   [caption id="attachment_2951" align="alignright" width="225"] Magnet holder indoor on a workshop stand for VIKING Lighting[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2953" align="alignnone" width="200"] In a stable magnet holder for VIKING LIGHTING attached to a metal frame[/caption]

Holder for a mast

HOLDER FOR A MAST   If you want to place VIKING Lighting on a tripod, you can use a metal holder. We attach the lamp to the holder and then insert the holder together with the lamp into a special hole on the mast. It is a very quick method of assembly, which enables stable placement of the lighting on the mast. The handle is made of steel, which has a load capacity suitable for VIKING lighting. It can be used efficiently outdoors, too. [caption id="attachment_2959" align="alignnone" width="300"]holder for mast holder for mast[/caption]

Workshop Stand

WORKSHOP STAND   The workshop stand is a very practical solution for indoors. The stand has a handle for VIKING lighting art number 202203/A (more in link:, and a practical shelf, on which you can put away e.g. tools. Thanks to the mounted wheels, the stand can be easily moved in a workshop or other room with a relatively flat surface. The stand is made of steel painted black, which works well in workshop, where there are various dirt and grease. [caption id="attachment_2956" align="alignnone" width="225"]Workshop stand for VIKING Lighting Workshop stand[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2957" align="alignnone" width="238"]VIKING stand in a car garage The VIKING workshop stand in a car garage[/caption]

Light and Durable tripod mast

PORTABLE TRIPOD MAST - light and durable   Works efficiently outdoors on uneven surfaces in extreme conditions. Compatible with all VIKING LIGHTING types. Technical specifications:
Tripod height 5,00 m
Length of folded tripod 1,65 m
Width of folded mast 250 mm
Max. Vertical load 15,00 kg
Max. Wind area CxA 0,30 m2
Max. Wind speed 10,00 m/s
Specific weight (kg) 13,00 kg
[caption id="attachment_4538" align="alignnone" width="221"] tripod VIKING Lighting[/caption]

Weatherproof bag


Weatherproof bag for lamps type 2x236 or 2x220

Weatherproof bag for 2 pieces of VIKING Lighting lamps types 236 or 220. Comfortable bag with holder in military green or black.  

Box for Army


Box for Army

Set contains: 1x lock box 6x Lamp (Selectable LED TCL) 6x Extenders 1x Generator set 1x Screwdriver 6x TCL replaceable fluorescent lamps in TCL sets only 1x User Manual