Offer for industry sectors / Workshops and Garages


Art. No 202203/A



Key features:

Magnet holder is a practical accessory for VIKING Lighting. It enables mounting a lamp on a vertical surface. The process of placing the fixture is fast. Moreover, it allows fixing the light source without additional stands or masts.

The magnet used for this holder is powerful. Therefore, the holder can keep a weight of ca 2kg, which is the average weight of the VIKING lamp.

We have attached the magnet holder to the metal frame in the picture below. The VIKING Lighting was then mounted. For example, this solution was successfully used in a horse stable. The lighting was placed high and firmly, allowing the comfortable work with the animal.


The magnet holder is, in our opinion, universal. Our opinion comes from its compatibility with all types of VIKING Lighting fixtures.


Supplementary products:

Magnet holder  Ø105mm is a practical addition to the workshop stand 110865/A. In the picture below, please see how the VIKING Lighting is fixed to the holder attached to the workshop stand. For more information about the stand, please visit the link

Interestingly, one can put the magnet holder on a workshop rack, as presented in the photo below. Please bear in mind that VIKING Lighting is dustproof. In addition, it can efficiently work in the splashes of water. The oilproof cable helps work in dirty spaces such as workshop garages or horse stables. VIKING Lighting can be used in muddy or greasy areas.

The magnetic holder can also be used on various flat metal surfaces.

Additional features of the universal holder with magnet ø 105mm:

The magnet holder can be covered with a removable lid made of rubber. Moreover, this lid helps prevent the metal surface from scratching. Also, cleaning it is easy with any popular detergent because this rubber part is removable.

In conclusion, we recommend accessories for VIKING Lighting as a handle facilitator of the rough works.


Magnet holder indoor on a workshop stand for VIKING Lighting
In a stable magnet holder for VIKING LIGHTING attached to a metal frame