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Mounting straps



These straps are the lighting accessory that fits any VIKING Lighting.

Consequently, they are often used in medical and military tents and shelters.

Its popularity is due to the mounting straps allowing you to attach VIKING Lighting to the tent sheathing.

Straps are made of textile, and the fastening is made of durable plastic.

Therefore, this accessory is long-lasting.

VIKING Lighting in field hospital

VIKING Lighting in a field hospital – level 1


The VIKING Lighting, which is popular among the users of tents

We must admit that these lamps, together with lighting accessories, are typically used by rescue teams or medical personnel.

Therefore, the professionals have chosen the VIKING Lighting LED type L212 for many years.

Mostly, because it is a lightweight but durable lighting piece.

Of course, our lighting fixture can be mounted in a tent on mounting straps.

That is why mounting straps are the easiest and fastest solution to place the lighting on the tent ceiling firmly.

mounting straps for lighting
mounting straps for lighting

For more information on LED lamps, please see:  https://vikinglighting.com/en/produkt/viking-l212110-230vac/

In addition, it is worth mentioning that VIKING Lighting has been combat-proven.

It means several rescue teams from different countries on a few continents in natural disasters.

For instance, the typical natural disasters are earthquakes, heavy winds, and heavy snow.

However, VIKING Lighting has also been used during accidents and construction collapses.

Therefore, it’s well-known in Sweden, Germany, Japan, and France or Armenia.

Please note that VIKING Lighting and its accessories have more than 30 years of history.

Above all, more info can be found at https://www.msb.se/en/operations/international-operations/.


Advantages of VIKING Lighting:

Moreover, the light is shadowless. Therefore, it can be efficiently used in medical tents with mounting straps.

We have used the opal diffuser. As a result of using the milky cover, doctors and medical staff are not exposed to the glare effect.

This effect is commonly referred to as ‘blinding.’

In addition, other features, such as the lightweight aluminum housing, protect the lighting from heating up.


In conclusion, it has to be noted that medical services appreciate natural light.

VIKING Lighting gives a bright, white light with a value of 4000°K.

Please note that the above value corresponds to the parameters of natural light.

In conclusion, we highly recommend VIKING Lighting as a medical tent lighting.


Mounting straps