Art. No 203865/A


Key features:

For example, the metal lamp holder allows you to fix VIKING lamps in workshops or a car garage.

The universal holder is a practical accessory for VIKING Lighting. Moreover, it enables mounting a lamp on a vertical surface, mast, or stative.

The process of placing the fixture is fast.

The holder is designed especially for VIKING Lighting.  Therefore, the universal holder can keep a weight of ca 2kg, which is the average weight of the VIKING lamp.

It should be underlined that this accessory is made of durable metal and is equipped with shock-resistant reinforced plastic knobs. These knobs are handy for persons working with gloves.



This type of holder can be efficiently used outdoors and indoors, too.

Thanks to this accessory, you can quickly and safely mount VIKING LIGHTING lighting on a metal stand or other surface.


universal holder
Universal holder

A universal holder is an accessory typically used with the metal stand for VIKING Lighting.

You can easily place the metal holder on a stand by attaching it to a lighting fixture.



Wheather-proof lighting equipment:

As shown in the picture below, our lighting equipment is weatherproof.

We’ve tested VIKING Lighting for resistance to high and low temperatures.

VIKING Lighting with an LED light source works from minus 30° C to 50° C.

Therefore, VIKING lighting is a long-lasting piece of equipment.

Our lighting can be connected to power by the 10-meter-long oil-resistant cable.

All the above features make VIKING Lighting practical for outdoor work.


Additional advantages:

Everyone who needs bright light outdoors can use VIKING Lighting indoors due to low heat emission.

For VIKING, we use milky shades. Thus, we manufacture glare-free lighting.

In this way, it can ensure the comfort of work.


Daisy chaining:

Moreover, the lamps can be easily arranged in series because a few lighting pieces can be connected with an additional socket.

The length of the lighting chain depends on the type of cable.

For example, for cable 3G1.5, you can connect 25 VIKING LIGHTING fixtures in one row.

Please note that the socket is on the opposite side of the cable.

However, there can be a different assembly where we can put the socket and the cable outlet on one side of the fixture.

In addition, at the customer’s order, we can deliver a lighting piece with the cable in the PCV coating or the cable with the screen protection.

VIKING lighting was mounted on a metal stand with a metal holder
VIKING lighting was mounted on a metal stand with a metal holder