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PORTABLE TRIPOD MAST – light and durable

Art. No 304187/A

PORTABLE TRIPOD MAST – light and durable


Key features:

Tripods you can use for several lighting types of VIKING Lighting.
The engineers have designed these lightweight tripods for 2–5 kg top loads. Therefore, they fit for lighting with the typical weight of ca 2 kg.

The glass fiber composite material is a prevailing component of the mast.
Tripod legs are telescopic, and sections are pushed out and locked in place with durable mechanical latches.

For windy conditions, tripods can also be guyed. The simplest buying method is attaching the tripod to the portable power generator. Attaching to heavy objects is an option for very speedy winds. There is no need for a piece of special equipment, and in our opinion, the simple rubber-coated anchor, which is readily available in sports shops or DIY outlets:


Advantages of portable tripod mast:

We have tested them in different conditions, and we must admit that tripods are quick to deploy even by one person. Tripods can also handle inertial loads.
Moreover,  these tripods are excellent for rescue, police, and firefighting as a stand for temporary lighting applications.

Standard designs can be customized according to customers’ specifications and requirements and painted in customer-specific colors. Typically, the mast is yellow, but we can deliver other colors in case of need.

The VIKING Lighting solution with a tripod works efficiently outdoors on uneven surfaces in extreme conditions.

Needless to say, it is compatible with all VIKING LIGHTING types.


Technical specifications:

Tripod height 5,00 m
Length of folded tripod 1,65 m
Width of folded mast 250 mm
Max. Vertical load 15,00 kg
Max. Wind area CxA 0,30 m2
Max. Wind speed 10,00 m/s
Specific weight (kg) 13,00 kg


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