Metal rack for VIKING LIGHTING

Art. No 306865
metal rack for VIKING Lighting



Key features:

This durable metal accessory is helpful at the construction site.


Compact, adjustable height max 3,1m, two segments

Material: Steel with zinc coating

Max load: 15kg

Weight: 4,2kg


Example of use of Metal rack:

Metal stands for VIKING Lighting and is a durable accessory for lighting fixtures.

It fits VIKING Lighting and allows for a lamp at a certain height.

The material for the construction of the rack is weatherproof.

As you may see in the photo, the rack is used outdoors during the snowy night in Sweden.

It is worth illuminating the operating area during outdoor work, such as snow removal.

Advantages of the use of the metal rack:

Viking Lighting is a lightweight and portable fixture.

In addition, if we place the lamps on the stand, we can also wholly enter another place.

Let’s remember that the stand is light but solutions. This will keep outdoor chores running and take less time.

The snow, water, or dust does not impact the work of VIKING Lighting and its accessories.

Typically, our products can efficiently operate in ambient temperatures ranging from minus 20°C to plus 50 °C.


The metal rack is usually bought together with the holder

The metal stand has to be accompanied by the universal holder for VIKING Lighting: https://vikinglighting.com/en/akcesorium/metal-holder/

VIKING lighting was mounted on a metal stand with a metal holder
VIKING lighting was mounted on a metal stand with a metal holder
metal rack for VIKING Lighting