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Art. No 203866/A



Key features:

This accessory is necessary if you want to place VIKING Lighting on a tripod; you can use a metal holder.

In practice, we attach the lamp to the holder and then insert the holder with the light into a unique hole on the mast.

This accessory is made of metal and is very durable equipment. It can hold a lighting fixture of ca 2 kilograms. Please note that the holder fits the majority of VIKING Lighting lamps.


Advantages of Holder for a Mast:

It is a rapid assembly method, enabling stable placement of the lighting on the mast.

The handle is made of steel, which has a load capacity suitable for VIKING lighting.

You may use the Holder for a mast outdoors and indoors. Although it is convenient to light, repair, and maintenance work both outdoors and indoors.


Compatibility with Tripod:

We have designed the holder for the mast to allow placement of the VIKING Lighting on a tripod. This accessory is light and portable. We encourage you to learn more about this equipment. Typically, customers of VIKING Lighting like tripods very much for outdoor use. More information in a link: 

Tripod usually serves for three lighting fixtures. One can efficiently use the VIKING Lighting on the tripod on uneven surfaces. The uneven surfaces that the tripod can stay on are rocks, stones, or collapsed buildings.

Therefore, rescue teams often use the lighting set on the tripod while taking care during natural disasters. These are storms, floods, and earthquakes. We are proud that the Swedish National Recuse forces used our equipment during the rescue operation in Armenia in 1988. The rescuers took their equipment, including the VIKING Lighting and portable masts, and used it in this crisis operation. For more information about this, please go to

This operation is one of the examples of the usage of VIKING Lighting and its accessories, including a holder for the mast.



Considering the durability and portability features of the mast with holders, we recommend this solution for rescue teams.


holder for mast
holder for mast