About us-Viking Lighting

VIKING Lighting is natural white light appropriate for your workplace.


VIKING Lighting has been developed to work in the most unfavorable outdoor conditions.

Already 30 years ago Mr. Kjell Wallin designed lamps to meet the sophisticated requirements of the fire brigade.

The designers’ idea was to provide firefighters with light, yet durable lighting.  Therefore, the lighting designers have used the aluminum case.

An additional feature of VIKING Lighting is low heat emission, which is important for long time of work.

VIKING Lighting works effectively at ambient temperatures of up to -30°C.  As a result, it is popular in Scandinavia.

VIKING Lighting is used in places where the ambient temperature reaches even + 50°C. Because of that, we have customers from Africa and the Middle East who are satisfied with our products.

Over time, other emergency services, aviation, military (incl. NATO), and everyone who wants to work with reliable equipment has begun to use VIKING Lighting.

This lighting equipment is also used by specialists from various industries for the example construction sector. In addition, these lamps are eagerly used on construction sites, in and outdoor, for repairs and maintenance.

The users of the VIKING’s equipment come from the defense and civil sectors. We supply homeland security and rescue teams that deal with natural disasters. The lighting is quite often used in temporary tents, field hospitals, and emergency structures for instance.

Our lighting gives light that allows you to easily distinguish the object from the background. Therefore, technicians appreciate lighting them in the workshops. Because of the feature of no-shade lighting, VIKING lamps can be efficiently used in field hospitals by medical personnel.

Key features at a glance

Regular customers of VIKING Lighting value its basic features:

  • lightweight aluminum housing with side covers from SBS
  • resistance to: moisture, splashes, impacts, damage, vibrations,
  • light source: LED panel or TCL-2g11 fluorescent tube lamp
  • low heat emission
  • non-glaring light
  • long life of the light source
  • several VIKING lamps can be easily daisy-chained through an additional socket
  • oil-resistant cable

We offer the possibility of customization of our lighting equipment. For more information please contact us: https://vikinglighting.com/sv/call-us-today/