VIKING LIGHTING on pneumatic mast of SVEP


New: VIKING LIGHTING on pneumatic mast developed by the SVEP company

So far, the VIKING Lighting was mounted on a fixed mast. Recently, we have put the VIKING LIGHTING on a pneumatic mast developed by the SVEP company. The SVEP's masts are designed by engineers as a modern construction with fully automated folding. The new solution is advanced yet easy to operate. The above-presented set is equipped with the VIKING LIGHTING LED type 230. For more details on this type of lighting please go to SVEP'mast can be folded to the size allowing transport for example in a bag such as shown in a picture. Mast together with the portable set of VIKING LIGHTING is a helpful solution for numerous outdoor activities. For more details on mast by SVEP please visit

VIKING LIGHTING available for Repair and Maintenance


On November 28 and 29, 2019, Viking Lighting has participated in the XII Conference on Repair and Maintenance Issues in Energy Sector in Licheń, Poland.,2098,61715.html

During the event, several topics related to maintenance, diagnostics of electromechanical systems, control systems and supervision of the energy production process were discussed.

VIKING LIGHTING representatives have presented the results of the recent research on LED lighting run by the Teknoprod Group.