Tent lighting 5600 lm Unischuko IP68

Art. No L230023265311/C

Tent lighting 5600 lm Unischuko IP68 VIKING L230 with LED

Key features

This is the high-quality lighting solution for demanding applications of the L230 lighting model. 

VIKING LIGHTING presents a powerful lighting option that was developed specifically for the requirements of emergency services or the military.

The L230 is a useful LED fixture for its glare-free lighting and close to natural light luminosity.

Our tent lighting 5600 lm IP68 offers bright light that makes your team’s everyday work easier:

→ Bright light required?

It has to operate quickly, and your team has no time to waste. You can look forward to the easy assembly of the L230. Our tent lighting with 5600 lm lightstream can be installed quickly and easily in temporary shelters and field hospitals. As a result of the no-shade feature, the L230 provides glare-free light that guarantees clear visibility.

→ Outdoors and indoors, severe conditions such as water splash or mud?

Harsh conditions shouldn’t affect the tent lighting. Our customers appreciate the robust construction of the L230. The reason why is that VIKING withstands the severe conditions of use. One of the advantages is the side covers made of SBS. Second, the construction of a case made of a light but durable aluminum case makes the lighting fixture long-lasting.

→Need a tent lighting?

The use of dedicated plugs and sockets allows for making a daisy chain connection. Therefore, we can achieve efficient illumination of a tent or even large field camps as well as outdoor areas.

→ Precise maintenance work pending?

Let your team benefit from the L230’s precise illumination! Bright light supports you in all maintenance work with accuracy. Its natural light, corresponding to a color temperature of 4000 K, offers a comfortable light even during precise works. On top of that, glare-free lighting is essential. Please note that, with an LED light source lifespan of 40,000 hours, the L230 offers a sustainable solution that meets the everyday needs of multiple industries for a long time.

→ Need for a combat-proven equipment?

The L230 in IP54 with LED is known for its robust construction and resistance to extreme temperatures. This feature makes it a reliable partner in any environment. The glare-free light, combined with the high color rendering, allows medical personnel, like in field hospitals, to treat patients under conditions that closely resemble natural light.

VIKING Lighting is a combat-proven lighting fixture. Thus the L230 became an essential tool for detail-oriented work. Especially there where precision is paramount. But the VIKING Lighting L230 goes even further. This particular lamp offers full brightness in a compact design that is both energy-efficient and powerful. The option to choose different cable styles, conductors, and insulation, as well as adapting to national standards of plug and socket, allows for a bespoke installation that is invaluable.

→ Requirement of customized lighting solution?

Being a manufacturer of VIKING LIGHTING we understand the importance of reliable lighting in critical situations. We offer several customizations of our product. For example, lamps may be equipped with an emergency light battery. The external power solution provides bright light for up to three hours, even if the main power source fails. This feature ensures your teams can work in the dark, even in the most challenging situations. If you need any other customizations, please contact us at https://vikinglighting.com/en/questions/.

VIKING LIGHTING L230: made for critical situations

Finally, with the L230, VIKING LIGHTING offers a lighting solution that combines glare-free light with easy installation and adaptability. It is a bright, natural light that supports the work of professionals. To ensure operational readiness in all environments, the L230 can withstand extreme temperatures from -25°C to +60°C.

Flexible solutions of tent lighting from VIKING 

You can find out how you can further combine the lights from VIKING LIGHTING here: https://vikinglighting.com/en/zestawy/viking-lighting-for-defense-forces/set-no-3-army/

The diverse configuration options and easy installation of the VIKING LIGHTING L230 guarantee that this lighting solution works effectively in a wide range of application scenarios – be it in emergency response, military operations, or in the precise world of medical help.

Read how VIKING LIGHTING is used in medical tents here: https://vikinglighting.com/en/viking-lighting-in-medical-tents/

The L230 proves that VIKING LIGHTING offers not just a simple product. We offer a comprehensive lighting solution tailored to the needs of professionals. Don’t compromise on the quality of your tools – contact us today https://vikinglighting.com/en/sales-agents/


  • Light Source
    LED Panel
  • Light Color / Temperature
    Weiß 4000K
  • Life length for light sources
    40000 Stunden
  • Enclosure class
    Leuchte in IP54, Stecker und Steckdose im Unischuko-Stil IP68
  • Luminous flow
  • Colour Rendering Index
  • Cabel
    ölbestandige Leitung
  • Plug/Socket
    Unischuko Style IP68
  • Ballast
  • Approvals