Special lighting for medical tents

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Special lighting solutions for medical tents

The VIKING LIGHTING in the 12V and 24V AC/DC is our proposal for medical tents.

LIGHTING in the 12V and 24V

The 12V and 24V versions of our lighting were specially developed to ensure the safety of users when working in narrow spaces.

Alternative power sources such as field current generators can flexibly power these innovative lighting options.

VIKING LIGHTING is a renowned manufacturer of lighting solutions.

Therefore, we ensure that our products are compatible with external power generators.


Key features

The outstanding advantage of VIKING LIGHTING lies in its practical applicability. With its compact size and light yet powerful luminous flow, it offers an efficient lighting solution.

In addition, the light source is a traditional tube light (TCL), which in some surpasses the exceeds benefits of modern light sources.

For example, the worn TCL light source can be easily replaced with a new one in a field. In contrary to LED source which requires professional devices for replacement.

In medical tents and military field hospitals, VIKING LIGHTING is usually connected in series.

Moreover, a few features of VIKING LIGHTING can be easily connected using an additional plug attached to the lamp housing.

This feature allows multiple lamps to be connected, creating an efficient lighting solution. For detailed information about the different customization options, please visit our link: https://vikinglighting.com/en/zestawy/viking-lighting-for-defense-forces/set-no-3-army/


TCL light source

TCL or fluorescent light source is a Compact Fluorescent Lamp TC-L. Since 2023 there are in force the European Union restrictions of fluorescent lamps, https://www.watt24.com/en/guide/fluorescent-tubes-ban-2023-all-you-need-to-know/.

Therefore, we offer solutions with this type of light source for special and eligible users.

Typically, these are government agendas or defense forces.


Case study of  lighting solutions for medical tents

In France, temporary field hospitals rely on VIKING LIGHTING 218 12V DC. Primarily, the users appreciated the glare-free yet bright light and the shadow-free light beam.

Secondly, the medical personnel feels comfortable working in white light with a color value of 4000° K. Please note that this parameter corresponds to natural light.

Moreover, milky shade helps prevent doctors and medical staff from being blinded.

Consequently, this also significantly improves working conditions. In addition, the shadow-free light makes it easier to care for patients and carry out small but, requiring precision medical procedures.

Find out more about the use of VIKING LIGHTING in medical tents: https://vikinglighting.com/en/viking-lighting-in-medical-tents/


Possible customizations of VIKING LIGHTING 

As a VIKING LIGHTING 12V DC manufacturer, we supply high-quality lamps and customize the final solution.

We admit that the most frequent requirement is the use of plugs and contacts that meet the standards of your region or country.

In addition to standard power cables and extension cables, we offer the option of various accessories allowing you to place lighting on different surfaces or heights.

Typically we deliver mast compatible with VIKING LIGHTING.

We offer portable masts of different types. For more information please visit https://vikinglighting.com/en/accessories/

  • Light Source
    Tube TCL-2G11
  • Wattage
  • Light Color / Temperature
    white / 4000K
  • Life length for light sources
  • Weight
    1.5 without cable
  • Measurements (mm)
  • Enclosure class
    Fixture in IP54, Plug and Socket of Unischuko Style IP68
  • Luminous flow
  • Colour Rendering Index
  • Cabel
    5m oilproof H05RN-7 3G1,5 or 3G2.2 H07RN-7
  • Plug/Socket
    Military Unischuko Style IP68
  • Ballast
  • Approvals