MSPO 2017 International Show of Defence Industry

We would like to kindly invite you to the VIKING Lighting stand at XIV MSPO -International Show of Defence Industry.  This year’s edition will be held from 5th to 8th September in Kielce, Poland.

The venue address is Zakladowa street 1.

Please join us at the booth No F-41A.





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French military temporary hospitals are equipped with the VIKING LIGHTING


Miluza East France. Military hospital for #COVID-19

The French army has equipped its military-medical tents with VIKING LIGHTING. In order to cope with the #CoronaVirus, the French authorities have developed temporary hospitals located in tents. The medical tents have been supplied with VIKING LIGHTING. VIKING LIGHTING is a source of bright but glare-free light. The light stream is shadeless. In effect of these features, the work of medical personnel is more comfortable. We encourage to watch the TVN24 spot. https://tvn24.pl/swiat/pandemia-covid-19-szpitale-polowe-na-swiecie-budowane-do-walki-z-koronawirusem-4513885

In connection with the #koronavirus epidemic, French armed forces are setting up field hospitals. Field hospitals are already developed in Miluza and Malhouse.

Hospital tents have sections for patient registration and treatment. VIKING Lighting has been used in field hospitals for over 20 years. The portable lightweight lamp holder is very often used as temporary lighting.

Depending on the customer's requirements, and in the case of field hospitals, the requirements of the army, Viking lighting can have an LED light source or a traditional fluorescent lamp.

The aluminum housing does not heat up and is safe. Medical services appreciate bright, white light worth 4000K, which is the equivalent of natural light. Installing a milky shade makes doctors and medical personnel not exposed to the glare effect, commonly known as glare. The light generated by VIKING Lighting is shadowless, and this helps in taking care of patients and performing minor medical procedures.

In medical tents and field hospitals, VIKING lighting is attached in series. This is possible thanks to an additional plug mounted on the lamp housing, which allows you to connect one lamp to another.

We usually also supply additional power cords, extension cords, and adapters to the conditions of the place where the lamps are used.

Teknoprod AB is a producer of VIKING Lighting and provides lamps with plugs and contacts adapted to your region/country. Lighting used in field hospitals in France has plugs adapted to French standards.

VIKING LIGHTING Repair and Maintenance


On November 28 and 29, 2019, Viking Lighting has participated in the XII Conference on Repair and Maintenance Issues in Energy Sector in Licheń, Poland. https://www.kierunekenergetyka.pl/konferencja,2098,61715.html

During the event, several topics related to maintenance, diagnostics of electromechanical systems, control systems and supervision of the energy production process were discussed.

VIKING LIGHTING representatives have presented the results of the recent research on LED lighting run by the Teknoprod Group.

VIKING LIGHTING tested at the horse stable

VIKING LIGHTING for horses VIKING LIGHTING is a perfect workplace lighting. The ostlers and horse workers have tested the VIKING Lighting at the horse stable. Durability and the bright light has allowed for comfortable work while nursing horse and during other works. The VIKING LIGHTING made in IP54 class is dirt, dust and humidity proof. The shadowless VIKING light facilitates al the precise jobs.

Meet VIKING at the Tent Expo

Once again the Viking Lighting is pleased to invite you to visit our booth at the TENT EXPO fairs in Wächtersbach 13 - 16 November 2019. TENT EXPO is the world-renowned, the “in-house” annual exhibition for the  event tents, shelters and temporary structures Please come and join us!

Visit us at DSEI, 2019 LONDON

VIKING LIGHTING® will be attending the DSEI 2019, THE WORLD LEADING DEFENCE & SECURITY EVENT. We will present our lighting in LED, lighting sets on masts, portable lighting as well as the newest VIKING Lighting in IP65. The exhibition will take place on 10-13 SEPTEMBER 2019 in LONDON, UK. Venue address: ExCeL, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL. Nearest train stations: Prince Regent (DLR Line), Custom House (DLR Line). Please come and see VIKING LIGHTING  at the booth No N7 347. For registration use our Code: E436F0 at www.dsei.co.uk/register.  In the meantime, you can check out our products on our website http://vikinglighting.com/en/


VIKING LIGHTING will be present on the 3rd International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition IFRE-EXPO, which will be held at TARGI KIELCE S.A. Zakładowa street 1, 25-672 Kielce Thursday (6.VI) 10:00 - 17:00; Friday, (7.VI) 10:00 - 17:00Saturday  (8.VI) 10:00 - 15:00 IFRE EXPO is a show of the firefighter's equipment manufacturers, rescue technology suppliers, and fire brigade units to meet and to do business. Please come and meet us at the tent at the outdoor exhibition No. ZF-34


We would like to kindly invite you to meet us and the Viking Lighting booth during ELFACK 2019, which will held in Gothenburg from 07th till 10th of May 2019. The Elfack Fair is the Nordic region’s largest meeting place where the entire electricity and power industry shows its new products and solutions to around 23,000 visitors.  VIKING LIGHTING will present the application in the construction industry and special equipment  sector. Please be invited to our booth No: A02:70. To get your ticket please register at: https://tickets.svenskamassan.se/projects/esuccess/bin/iisclt.cia?n&OpenSession&esproject&20023&21639&300052019&_ga=2.206151955.1649236884.1551953883-1519986564.1551953883

Meet us at Elmässan 2017

VIKING LIGHTING will be present at Elmassan, Kista (Stockholm area, Sweden). Please come and meet us at stand No N:09. Register at the below link for free entry: https://registration.n200.com/survey/2tastg2u2lsca    


Fire brigades, volunteer fire brigade, state medical rescue, chemical, maritime technical, radiation) and rescue organizations of a social character (GOPR, TOPR, WOPR, PCK) .... It is for these departments Viking Lighting has prepared its stand at this year's IFRE-EXPO. We invite you to visit the stand of VIKING LIGHTING on 8-10 June. Invitation to download

Thank you for visiting our stand Air-Fair 2017

On 26-27 May 2017, we took part in the International Fair Air-Fair in Bydgoszcz, Poland where we presented our lamps and accessories. We sincerely thank you for visiting our stand and for your interest in our offer. We are very pleased that we could meet you and invite you to cooperate.