VIKING LED Lighting, WHITE RGB light color, IP54   Fixture, plugs, sockets and switches in Ip54. Portable and durable lighting fixture. Recommended for military personnel.  

What's new?

Recently, we have developed a new VIKING Lighting which allows to generate white and RGB light. RBG stands for light colors where R stand for red, B for blue, G for green.  In addition the switches white and RBG light as well as plug and socket are in IP54.

Why different light colors?

The use of different light color is popular among military personnel. Usually, the defense forces use lamps with white light color. In order to secure comfortable work the lamp should produce natural light. The natural light is defined as natural white with light temperature 4000°K.

What does military use red light for?

Red light is primarily use as a night light. A red light has been the traditional choice for retaining your night vision since before WWII. Since then the military settled on red as the best choice. Red light is often used in nighttime operations but makes blood detection difficult and diminishes depth perception and visual acuity. The human eye is less sensitive to longer wavelengths. Therefore, red light is chosen to preserve the night vision of the aircraft crew. Especially, while still allowing them to still see their instrument panels. Moreover, exposure to white light during the day can have positive effects, including boosting alertness and mood. Red light has no effect on the circadian clock, so you can use a dim red light at night.
What does military use blue light for?
Basic parameters: Blue light wavelength (470 nm) Blue light is the only light that can cut through fog. This is why it is widely used for fog headlights. NVG colored LEDs are useful for military pilots. Also for those who have special equipment that is designed to work with NVG lights. For map reading at night the blue LEDs are often used, now. However, the blue LEDs are useful for pilots and other personnel who need to read maps at night. Also it is important to underline that blue light is good for night vision goggles. Please bear in mind that red light causes a massive glare when under night vision goggles. Therefore, along with white light military will also use green light for the same reason especially in aviation.

What does military use green light for?

As we mentioned earlier, a red light has been used for decades by defense forces. The military chosen on red as the best choice. Recently, there has been a move to green and blue-green light. Again caused in large part by the military's change to green. The reason behind is that it has been primarily motivated by the increased use of night vision equipment. As it turns out, green light also offers some advantages over red as a means to retain night vision capability.

Red or green light?

You must know that the total brightness, or illumination level, of the light has the biggest impact on night vision. The less significant effect retention than does the choice of red or green in normal conditions. However, for defense sector it becomes more complex. Human eyes are more receptive to green light. People gain better visual acuity at lower light levels than when using red light. Green light color also allows for differentiation between colors that red does not. For example, on aviation charts the magenta color is used. The charts readily readable under green light, which will not always be the case with red. Both reasons contribute to the fact that pilots and many others generally seem to prefer green over red, it simply makes it easier to see and read in the dark cockpit. Ideally, you want to use only as bright a light, red or green, as is necessary to perform your chores and no more. However, if you have a brighter light than you actually need, a brighter green light will generally have a more negative effect than an equally bright red light. Green or blue-green has a greater capacity to adversely effect night vision because the eye is about 100 times more sensitive to these colors, so even moderately too bright light can have a serious deleterious effect. The potential problem is with the actual illumination levels we use, not the color of the light. The brighter the light, the more negative impact on night vision, both in our capacity to see and in how long it takes to gain back optimum night vision. This is true regardless of whether it is red or green. [caption id="attachment_4422" align="alignnone" width="300"]RGB light lamp RGB light lamp[/caption]

Viking Lighting with a motion sensor


Excellent LED lighting for the construction industry

VIKING Lighting type L230 LED lighting with a motion sensor, protection class IP54. This lighting is our lamp dedicated to the construction industry. In this VIKING Lighting, we have installed a special motion sensor that is sensitive to movements in the dark. Because of that, we strongly recommend it for use on construction sites. The lamp automatically turns on when a person approaches. It will not turn on with small animals moving. A construction worker can mount lighting with a motion sensor on the construction site on the container, even on the magnetic holder such as https://vikinglighting.com/language/en/akcesorium/magnet-holder-105mm/ lighting with motion sensor L230 motion sensor

Outdoor or indoor

The building contractor can use the lighting both indoors and outdoors. The lighting is light but durable aluminum housing with side covers made of shock-absorbing SBS material. We've developed a case which is IP54. For that reason, this product is resistant to moisture and splash, mud, impact, damage, and vibration. We've tested VIKING Lighting for resistance to high and low temperatures. VIKING Lighting with an LED light source works at temperatures minus 30° C to 50° C. Therefore, VIKING lighting is a long-lasting piece of equipment. Our lighting can be connected to power by the 10-meter-long oil-resistant cable. All the above features make VIKING Lighting practical on the construction site. Everyone who needs bright light outdoors can use VIKING Lighting indoors due to low heat emission. For VIKING, we use milky shades. Thus, in effect, we manufacture glare-free lighting. In this way can ensure the comfort of work. Moreover, the lamps can be easily arranged in series - a few lighting pieces can be connected with an additional socket.  

Possible customizations of motion sensor lighting

Our lighting equipment and accessories have been designed for professional users. We have made it for those who work under challenging conditions. Because of that, VIKING Lighting with a motion sensor is ideal for the construction industry. For example, developers and construction equipment rentals often use VIKING Lighting quite often. As a result, for many years, we have delivered LED lighting to warehouses, shelters, and civil and military tents. On top of that, we recommend the L230 LED outdoor because we use it ourselves on our premises. Because we are the manufacturer, we can make modifications and changes required by the customer or the user. Please contact us for further information and quotes: https://vikinglighting.com/language/sv/call-us-today/

Case study

Once we have been contacted by the construction equipment company, which experienced some cases of missing machinery on the site. The machinery has been stored in metal containers outdoors. The company did not have the resources to hire 24/7 surveillance. Therefore, we have suggested to the customer the lighting set is mounted outdoors through magnet holders on containers. Soon it appeared that the light switched on when the animals, such as roe-deer's, approached the construction site. In conclusion, our engineers have developed a motion sensor that is sensitive to moving humans and remain silent when the animals are approaching. The customer was happy with the solution because his machinery was safe. We were satisfied that we could find a solution to help our customers.

VIKING LIGHTING with battery backup

VIKING LIGHTING with battery backup

Key features

Luminous flow efficiency (2200 lumens) is suitable for battery-operated lamps with an opal shade. If the customer wants higher scores, we can use a transparent screen. In this case, the actual light flow will reach the level of 3300 lumens. We usually produce white natural light lighting with a color temperature of 4000K. However, the lighting can be adjusted to warmer or colder colors of light. In addition to its functions, this luminaire is very practical to use.


Due to its efficiency, we recommend the use of VIKING Lighting L220 LED with battery backup in tents. It can also be used inside buildings, e.g. in corridors. The oil-resistant cable with a length of 8 meters works well in difficult conditions. However, at the customer's request, we can modify the length of the cable or its parameters. Difficult conditions include not only an oily floor surface but also muddy or wet surfaces. Secondly, this lighting can be easily connected in series through an additional socket. The length of the lighting chain depends on the type of cable.

Other possible customizations

VIKING LIGHTING is used in many countries where national standards for plugs and sockets vary. Because we are the manufacturer, we can equip the lighting with the socket or plug required for a specific application or in a specific country. We invite you to familiarize yourself with another interesting solution for LED lighting, which is L230 110-230 AC, https://vikinglighting.com/en/produkt/viking-l110220-230vac/. The latter product is quite versatile in terms of voltage. To sum up, we recommend the L220 LED with battery backup for use in large temporary structures, where the user wants to obtain white, natural light. [caption id="attachment_3569" align="alignnone" width="300"]VIKING LIGHTING with battery backup VIKING LIGHTING with battery backup[/caption]


VIKING LIGHTING  IP65   VIKING LIGHTING L226 in IP65 versions guarantees protection against touching parts not protected with wire. In addition, the IP65 class provides full dustproof protection and protection against water jets with an intensity of 12.5 l/min poured from each side. Similar, to our other lighting fixtures this one can be used for outdoor work.   They can be mounted on a stand or even stand directly on the ground, without fear of damage or contact with dangerous parts. The solution shown in the photo includes a metal stand art No 306865 https://vikinglighting.com/en/akcesorium/metal-rack-for-viking-lighting/. Thanks to the components used, this type of lighting i.e. L226 IP65 can be used in extreme temperatures (up to minus 40 degrees C). [caption id="attachment_3537" align="alignnone" width="300"]VIKING LIGHTING IP65 VIKING LIGHTING IP65[/caption]


VIKING LIGHTING HIGH POWER L500 [caption id="attachment_3722" align="alignnone" width="300"]VIKING LIGHTING L500 VIKING LIGHTING L500[/caption]


 VIKING LIGHTING 218 12V DC   VIKING LIGHTING in 12V and 24V AC/ DC versions ensures user safety while working in tight spaces. These lighting types can be supplied from alternative power sources, for example,  field power generators. Of course it can be supplied with the external power. VIKING Lighting is a convenient lighting piece due to its small size and lightweight but strong light stream. On top of that, the light source is tube light, the traditional source of light.  

Case study

The special medical tents in France have been supplied with VIKING LIGHTING  218 12V DC. Primariliry, please note that the VIKING LIGHTING is a source of bright but glare-free light. Secondly, the light stream is shadeless. Because of these features, the work of medical personnel is more comfortable. Medical services appreciate bright, white light worth 4000K, which is the equivalent of natural light. The lamp has a milky shade that helps doctors and medical personnel because they are not exposed to the glaring effect. The light generated by VIKING Lighting is shadowless. As a result of that feature, it is easier to take care of patients and perform minor medical procedures.  

Possible customizations of VIKING LIGHTING 218 12V

In medical tents and field hospitals, VIKING lighting is hung in series. Thanks to an additional plug mounted on the lamp housing, VIKING lighting can be easily connected in series. This design allows you to connect one lamp to another, for more information click on the link: https://vikinglighting.com/en/zestawy/viking-lighting-for-defense-forces/set-no-3-army/ In medical tents and field hospitals, VIKING Lighting is daisy-chained. This is possible thanks to an additional plug mounted on the lamp housing. The plug allows you to connect one lamp to another. We usually also supply additional power cords, extension cords, and adapters to the conditions of the place where the lamps are used. Teknoprod AB is the producer of VIKING LIGHTING 218 12V DC.  Therefore, we provide lamps with plugs and contacts adapted to your region/country. https://vikinglighting.com/en/viking-lighting-in-medical-tents/ [caption id="attachment_3520" align="alignnone" width="300"]VIKING 218 in medical tent VIKING 218 in medical tent[/caption]


VIKING LIGHTING L226 LED 24V AC/DC   VIKING lighting in 12V and 24V AC/ DC versions ensures user safety while working in tight spaces. These lighting types can be supplied from alternative power sources.


VIKING LIGHTING L220 LED 24V AC/DC Light but impact-resistant VIKING lighting in 24VAC/DC version. It is efficient thanks to its light flow above  6000 Lumens. In addition, it ensures the safety of the user's work in confined spaces. They can be powered by alternative power sources. The light source in this lighting is a LED panel.   [caption id="attachment_3878" align="alignnone" width="300"]VIKING LIGHTING L220 daisy chained VIKING LIGHTING L220 daisy chained[/caption]


VIKING LIGHTING L220 LED 12V DC VIKING lighting in 12V and 24V AC/ DC versions ensures user safety while working in tight spaces. These lighting types can be supplied from alternative power sources.


VIKING LIGHTING L212 LED 24V AC/DC SELV VIKING lighting in 12V and 24V AC/ DC versions ensures user safety while working in tight spaces. These lighting types can be supplied from alternative power sources.