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VIKING L220 LED 24V for confined spaces

Art. No L2200024235000

VIKING L220 LED 24V for confined spaces

Key features:

  • light but durable lighting fixture
  • VIKING Lighting L220 at 24V AC/DC assures the safety of the user’s work in confined spaces
  • LED Panel is a light source 
  • energy efficient as it generates above 6000 lumens
  • IP54
  • 24V assures safety

Advantages of the use of VIKING L220 LED 24V AC/DC SELV?

VIKING Lighting L220 LED 24V AC/DC SELV generates above 6000lm light stream. It has to be underlined that such a result, compared with the limited size of the fixture, makes it very practical.

Therefore, we highly recommend this lighting for work in confined spaces. For example, VIKING L220 24V is ideal for working in the fuselage of a yacht or vessel.

VIKING Lighting gives a comfort of work because:

  1. we use a milky shade made of polycarbonate. However, if the user needs higher parameters of the light stream, we may use transparent shade.
  2. the standard light color of the VIKING Lighting is a natural white. This light color amounts to 4000°K. Yet, on the customer’s request we may modify the light color to colder or warmer. On top of that in our offer, we have a lighting piece with RBG
  3. it can be powered by generators or alternative sources.

Applications of LED 24V AC/DC SELV: 

As we have mentioned earlier VIKING VIKING L220 LED 24V AC/DC SELV is designed for maintenance or repair works in confined spaces.

In addition, it can be helpful in venues where the power source is located at quite a distance from the electrical equipment. In this case, this equipment is the VIKING Lighting. 

While we consider the safety of the user, it is obligatory to use electric equipment with low voltage. Please get acquainted with this subject, which is well described in link

Daisy chain of VIKING Lighting:

It is pretty evident that the VIKING Lighting one can daisy chain. Therefore, it is logical that the length of the chain depends on the cable type.

For example, with cable 3G1.5, up to 25 VIKING Lighting pieces can be assembled. However, in case the customer requires lamps for a daisy chain, we place the plug and socket on opposite sides of the lighting fixture. As the manufacturer of lighting, we define with the customer the best solutions for plugs, sockets, cables, etc.

Possible customizations of VIKING L220 LED 24V:

As a manufacturer of lighting equipment, we may modify the following parts of our VIKING products:

  • light source
  • light color
  • length and type of cable
  • plug and socket
  • switch
  • shade
We kindly encourage you to contact our expert and discuss the possible solutions for you:
  • Light Source
    LED Panel 26W
  • Wattage
    26W/ 24V AC/DC
  • Light Color / Temperature
    White / 4000K
  • Lifetime of light sources
    40 000 h
  • Weight
    1.5 kg
  • Measurements (mm)
  • Enclosure class
  • Luminous flow
    6160 lm nominal/ 3000 lm actual
  • Colour Rendering Index
  • Cabel
    10m, H07RN-F 2x1,5
  • Plug/Socket
  • Ballast
    LED driver
  • Approvals

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