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Key features:

It is quite a universal LED lighting type L220 in terms of voltage. This lighting fixture can be powered in ranges from 100 to 230 V.

High output of light flow (in lumens 2200) compared to the size of lighting.

This result was possible by covering the lighting case with the milky screen.

Such an opal diffuser means that doctors and medical staff are not exposed to the glare effect, commonly referred to as blinding.

If the customer wants higher results, we can use the transparent screen. In this case, the actual flow of light will reach 3300 lumens.

Usually, we manufacture lighting with the white natural light of light color temperature of 4000°K.

However, we may customize the lighting to warmer or colder light colors.

The lightweight aluminum housing does not heat up and is safe.



We recommend using VIKING L220 LED in temporary structures based on its efficiency.

These are typically warehouses, storage spaces, and shelters.

The military hospital tents have sections for patient registration and treatment.

Many rescue services and armed forces use VIKING products. For over twenty years, field hospitals have primarily used VIKING Lighting.

Portable equipment is essential for fieldwork. Therefore, military and rescue teams often use lightweight VIKING lamps as temporary lighting.


Possible customization of VIKING LIGHTING L220 110-230V AC:

As a VIKING LIGHTING 12V DC manufacturer, we supply high-quality lamps and customize the final solution.

We admit that the most frequent requirement is the use of plugs and contacts that meet the standards of your region or country.

In addition to standard power and extension cables, we offer various accessories that allow you to place lighting on different surfaces or heights.

Typically, we deliver masts that are compatible with VIKING LIGHTING.

We offer portable masts of different types. For more information, please visit


Depending on the customer’s requirements, and in the case of field hospitals, the requirements of a given army, the Viking Lighting can have an LED light source or a traditional fluorescent lamp.


Unique features for medical personnel:

VIKING Lighting is shadowless. Therefore,  VIKING helps care for patients and perform minor medical procedures.

In medical tents and field hospitals, VIKING Lighting is hung in series.

VIKING fixtures g can be easily connected in series thanks to an additional plug mounted on the lamp housing.

This design allows you to connect one lamp to another.

VIKING Universal lighting
VIKING Universal lighting L220 LED 110-230V AC


  • Light Source
    Panel LED 60W
  • Wattage
    60W/ 110-230V AC
  • Light Color / Temperature
    White / 4000K
  • Life length for light sources
    40 000 h
  • Weight
    2.0 kg
  • Measurements (mm)
  • Enclosure class
  • Luminous flow
    9240 lm nominal/ 5600 lm actual
  • Colour Rendering Index
  • Cabel
    5 m, oil proof H07RN-F 3G1,5
  • Plug/Socket
    230V Unischuko type, other national standards to order
  • Ballast
    LED driver
  • Approvals

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