Hall 5B booth E220


Eurosatory, Paris, France

June 17 - 21, 2024

booth E-220, Hall 5B



As a security and defense professional, you must join your international community. Traditionally, it gathers in Paris from June 17th, Monday to 21st, Friday.

The tradeshow EUROSATORY will be the point of convergence for the leading names in the defense, safety, security, and crisis management domains.

Don't miss out on this rare event!



This year, VIKING Lighting will be in the Crisis Management zone named HELPED. For this reason, the specially dedicated space 'HELPED is in Hall 5B. So, there will be an exhibition of solutions for firefighting, water treatment, waste management, energy, and rescue. On top of that, the organizers expect to show a glimpse of new solutions. In particular in emergency response to security, health, and environmental crises. On the other hand, visitors can gain comprehensive insight into the latest technological developments.  


Please meet us at the Hall 5B Booth E-220!

We will present the new rescue services lighting solutions, which are our engineers' work results. They have designed our lighting for medical tents and other temporary structures such as shelters or field hospitals. Firstly, VIKING Lighting is well known for manufacturing lighting solutions for the defense sector. Secondly, we must admit that many countries worldwide have used VIKING Lighting for several years. Moreover,  the healthcare and military in France and Portugal have used our equipment during the pandemic. For more information, please click the link: https://vikinglighting.com/en/viking-lighting-in-medical-tents/ Of course, we are convinced that our LED products in IP54 and IP65 are optimal for working in extreme conditions.  

Eurosatory 2024 - Location, Dates, and Access


Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre ZAC Paris Nord 2, 93420 Villepinte France (Halls 5a – 5b – 6)

Date and opening times

Eurosatory 2024 will be open Monday, June 17 to Thursday, June 20, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday, June 21, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Please bear in mind that only people who have requested their badge online can access the exhibition. If you would like to receive a special badge as a guest, please contact us at andre@teknoprod.se. However, we have only few invitations available now. Otherwise, please log in to Login (mybadgeonline.com)



Warsaw, Poland

March 12 - 14, 2024

booth 112


VIKING Lighting®  hereby invites you to visit us during the 10th edition of the COMBAT ENGINEER AND LOGISTICS 2024 EVENT “The CEL 2024” (www.defenceleaders.com).

We welcome you to booth No 112, where we will show the latest from VIKING Belysning.

The event takes place between March 12th and 14th, 2024, at EXPO XXI Centre, Pradzynskiego Str 12/14, Warsaw, Poland.

During CEL 2024, we will present VIKING Lighting®  workplace lighting that is combat-proven.

The most important fact is that the lighting fixtures were developed in Sweden.

Secondly, we have been manufacturing these for 20 years.

Based on user feedback, we have identified several areas where VIKING work lighting is ideal. These are, among others:

  • medical tents,
  • shelters for military personnel,
  • tents for storing equipment,
  • hangars,
  • service tents,
  • containers,
  • cooking trailers, and more.
If these areas interest you, please visit us at booth No. 112. We kindly invite you to CEL 2024.  


As you may know, military engineers and logisticians have been intertwined throughout the history of armed conflict.

Firstly, they are increasingly critical to success in modern warfare.

Secondly, at large-scale combat operations, where multitudes of forces play a significant role, collaboration between our engineers and logisticians is inevitable.

Therefore, Combat Engineer and Logistics is the global platform for the two communities to meet.

Moreover, the 10th edition of the CEL 2024  is an event to gather and share knowledge and discuss common problems.

On top of that, you may explore potential solutions.

That's why we encourage you to talk to the VIKING Lighting experts about your lighting challenges for extreme situations.

This is why the lighting solution we will present in Warsaw is https://vikinglighting.com/sv/produkt/viking-lighting-med-batteribackup/.

In addition, it is a perfect place to network with military peers, researchers, and industry experts.


CEL 2024 will be the biggest iteration of the event to date. The reason behind this is that it returns to the vibrant city of Warsaw. Interestingly, this time we moved our meetings and exhibition to the impressive EXPO XXI fair https://expoxxi.pl/contact-us/?lang=en.

On top of that, the Defense Leadership Team and their event partners prepared an enhanced program of focused briefings and panel sessions.

In addition to the authoritative speaker, the faculty will address the most pressing topics facing us all now.

Therefore, the discussion areas will include climate change, technological advances, and the impact of NATO's new force on engineers and logisticians.


Attendees at the event will include senior military personnel, government representatives, program managers, and capabilities and requirements teams.

Moreover, we also expect many front-line commanders, engineers, and scientists.

In addition, the event will be a catalyst for stimulating meaningful discussions, creating partnerships, and promoting international cooperation.

At the same time, it strives for improved combat technical capabilities and logistical excellence.

Concluding, we invite you to visit us at CEL 2024!

See you in Warsaw!

RETTmobil 2023


Fulda, Germany

booth C-919

May 10-12, 2023


RETTmobil 2023 is a very popular international rescue show among paramedics and rescuers.

It is worth mentioning that the first fair was held in 2001.

So, more than twenty years have passed since the fair in Fulda developed into a fully-fledged rescue fair.

Firstly, over the years, the cells hosted more than 500 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors from Germany and other countries.

Secondly, RETTmobil's success comes from focusing on particular equipment, including vehicles and modern techniques.

Also, you may find the newest protective and hygienic equipment, including clothing, there.

The fair addresses the needs of the fire brigades, rescue, fire protection, and civil defense forces.

Therefore, if you are in Fulda, you would have the unique opportunity to obtain information directly from professionals.

In conclusion, we emphasize that professionals believe the RETTmobil is almost obligatory for everyone involved in rescue.

VIKING Lighting in Fulda

The VIKING LIGHTING's booth is C919 at the RettMobil, the international rescue show.

Address: Paul-Klee-Strasse 74, 36041 Fulda, Germany

Dates: May 10-12, 2023

So, we invite you to get acquainted with our latest VIKING LIGHTING system, which will be presented in Fulda.


Combat proven lighting 

To summarize, we recommend VIKING lighting because it is 'combat-proven.' 

Therefore, we can say so because it has been used in real-life situations on low ground, strong winds, and snowstorms.

It is known and operated by many dependent services and civil defense that use it in situations.

Although users come from different countries on several continents, it is most commonly used in natural disasters in Sweden, Germany, Japan, and France.

In addition, the area of ​​the construction events was illuminated. For example, the structure collapsed, and similar disasters occurred where intervention of auxiliary services was necessary.

Due to its efficiency, we recommend VIKING Lighting L220 LED with battery backup for use by the rescuers.

This is because it is beneficial for field applications and medical tents.


VIKING in medical tent VIKING in the medical tent  

See you at RETTmobil 2023 in Fulda!

VIKING LIGHTING supports the field hospital


Lisbon, Portugal

April 2020

Support in the fight with #COVID-19

VIKING LIGHTING supported the field hospital in Portugal in 2020. The VIKING LIGHTING manufacturer actively supports the creation of a field hospital in Portugal. In support, VIKING LIGHTING sent portable lighting kits to Lisbon. #TODOSPORUMHOSPITAL is an initiative of Cruz de Malta Portugal, which together with the RTP (Portuguese TV), seeks donations for the construction of a temporary hospital with more than 200 beds to strengthen the local reference unit in the fight against #COVID-19.



Portuguese organization Cruz De Malta together with the television RTP has organized a public collection of donations. The aim is to encourage people and companies who want to support Portuguese Health and National Security Professionals. Therefore, they seek donations for the construction of a Field Hospital with more than 200 beds. As a result, it will be easier to fight against COVID-19 in Lisbon, Portugal.

VIKING LIGHTING supported the field hospital

VIKING LIGHTING is well known for its portable lighting sets. Because of that, we have delivered our LED VIKING Lighting sets to the newly established medical points in Lisbon.

The setting up of this field hospital will be done within Campo Pequeno. Its management will be under the coordination of Hospital Curry Cabral. The field hospital will operate within Campo Pequeno and its management will be coordinated by Hospital Curry Cabral.

In 2020, during the containment phase of the coronavirus pandemic, Curry Cabral Hospital (together with Hospital de Dona Estefânia for Pediatric Cases in Lisbon and Hospital de São João in Porto) was one of the three first-line reference hospitals for the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 19. Later, many more second-line hospitals were opened across the country until the mitigation phase.

Curry Cabral Hospital is managing to meet the needs in the Lisbon area now. However, they need equipment, such as the 26 field tents, with a capacity for 200 beds. Cruz de Malta, with the help of all, will allow medical personnel to treat more patients. Similar to other countries, in Portugal, the number of suffering from #COVID-19 is still very high.

Why it is worth having VIKING Lighting in medical tents?

Doctors and nurses need to work in a comfortable light environment. With the use of VIKING LIGHTING, they can do their daily routines efficiently. Moreover, they can run some medical procedures like injections.

Even though the patients and medical personnel are in tents, the VIKING LIGHTING gives them a white bright light. Most importantly, the unique feature is glare-free lighting. This is important for those who work long hours and are engaged in activities where precision is required.

[caption id="attachment_2455" align="alignnone" width="219"] Viking Lighting in the medical tents of Cruz de Malta[/caption]

VIKING LIGHTING can be easily moved from one place to another. In addition, the lighting can be mounted in tents or at the masts. Please see some applications of mast sets https://vikinglighting.com/en/akcesorium/tripode-mast-yellow/

We encourage everyone to support the #TodosPorumHospital !

For more information please see: https://media.rtp.pt/extra/eventos/todosporumhospital/

VIKING LIGHTING in medical tents in France


Miluza, France

March 2020


Support for the fight with the Covid-19 

We are proud to inform you that VIKING LIGHTING in medical tents n France. The French army has equipped its military-medical tents with VIKING LIGHTING.  In order to cope with the #CoronaVirus, the French authorities have developed temporary hospitals located in tents. The special medical tents have been supplied with VIKING LIGHTING.

VIKING LIGHTING is a source of bright but glare-free light. The light stream is shadeless. Because of these features, the work of medical personnel is more comfortable. We encourage you to watch French TV or the Polish TV TVN24 news. The link to the tv is at the end of the news. 

pic. French military hospital, Miluza.
Special military camp developed in France

In connection with the #koronavirus epidemic, French armed forces are setting up some field hospitals. Field hospitals are already developed in Miluza and Malhouse, France. Additional coverage in the link https://www.france24.com/en/20200324-french-military-field-hospital-starts-unprecedented-peacetime-operations-to-combat-coronavirus

Hospital tents have sections for patient registration and treatment. VIKING Lighting has been used in field hospitals for over 20 years. The portable lightweight lamp holder is very often used as temporary lighting.

Depending on the customer's requirements, and in the case of field hospitals, the requirements of the army, Viking lighting can have a LED light source or traditional fluorescent tubes.

Why it is worth using VIKING LIGHTING in medical tents?

The aluminum housing does not heat up and therefore the lighting is safe. Medical services appreciate bright, white light worth 4000K, which is the equivalent of natural light. The lamp has a milky shade that helps doctors and medical personnel because they are not exposed to the glaring effect. The light generated by VIKING Lighting is shadowless.

As a result of that feature, it is easier to take care of patients and perform minor medical procedures.

In medical tents and field hospitals, VIKING lighting is hung in series. Thanks to an additional plug mounted on the lamp housing, VIKING lighting can be easily connected in series. This design allows you to connect one lamp to another, for more information click on the link: https://vikinglighting.com/en/zestawy/viking-lighting-for-defense-forces/set-no-3-army/

In medical tents and field hospitals, VIKING Lighting is daisy-chained. This is possible thanks to an additional plug mounted on the lamp housing. The plug allows you to connect one lamp to another.

We usually also supply additional power cords, extension cords, and adapters to the conditions of the place where the lamps are used.

Teknoprod AB is the producer of VIKING LIGHTING and provides lamps with plugs and contacts adapted to your region/country.

VIKING LIGHTING equipped military hospitals with special lamps. Since 2020 the lighting used in field hospitals in France has plugs adapted to French standards.

Link to the Polish news https://tvn24.pl/swiat/pandemia-covid-19-szpitale-polowe-na-swiecie-budowane-do-walki-z-koronawirusem-4513885