INTERSCHUTZ Hannover, Germany


Hannover, Germany

20 – 25 June 2022

Hall 26, booth D19


What's unique about the Interschutz?

As a lighting manufacturer for rescue services, VIKING LIGHTING invites you to the INTERSCHUTZ-2022. INTERSCHUTZ is the world’s leading trade fair for fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety, and security. Therefore, it is a magnet for companies worldwide seeking to develop new markets for their solutions. Firstly, it’s also the go-to show for pros wanting to learn about the latest innovations. Secondly, the visitors and exhibitors can share their expertise with their international peers. Importantly, INTERSCHUTZ is in a class of its own internationally regarding the quality and number of visitors and exhibitors it attracts. The previous edition of Interschutz had gathered some 150,000 visitors, mainly from Germany. On the other hand, INTERSCHUTZ is very much a business event. However, it’s a well-known event for the world’s fire and rescue services providers, civil protection, and safety and security solutions. Because of that, anyone who wants to learn about the latest developments in products, including lighting for rescue services, is heading to Hannover for INTERSCHUTZ in June.  

What's new from VIKING LIGHTING for the rescue teams?

So, VIKING LIGHTING is excited to participate in the Interschutz exhibition for the first time. Our lighting product for rescue services is the model VIKING LIGHTING L230 LED IP54 with a Motion Sensor, Plug,  and Socket of Unischuko style are also in IP54.   [caption id="attachment_2390" align="aligncenter" width="300"]VIKING Lighting IP54 LED Motion Sensor VIKING Lighting IP54 LED Motion Sensor[/caption] This VIKING LIGHTING is equipped with a motion sensor sensitive to movements in the darkness. For instance, we strongly recommend it as a standard-issue lighting product dedicated to rescuing teams for use on disaster sites or field medical points. For example, lighting can be mounted on a container shelter, and the light switches on when a person approaches. VIKING LIGHTING has been tested in high and low temperatures and is resistant to VIKING LIGHTING with an LED light source. Therefore, it can efficiently work from minus 30°C to plus 50°C. The lighting is in a rugged aluminum case with end-pieces of shock-absorbing SBS. Typically, we offer lamps with motion sensors in the IP54 class. However, a higher class is also feasible. The lighting can be used outdoors because humidity and water are splashproof, hit-, damage-, and vibration-resistant. Summing up -all those features make the lighting durable.

Additional features

An oil-proof cable of 10 meters in length makes the VIKING Lighting® flexible to use outdoors and indoors. Please note that VIKING LIGHTING can be used efficiently indoors because of its low heat emission. We secure your comfort of work with no glaring lighting. Moreover, there is a possibility of a daisy chain. As a result, one can easily connect several VIKING LIGHTING that may be linked with an extra socket.  

For whom do we make VIKING LIGHTING?

VIKING LIGHTING has been invented in Sweden in 1989. Later, Teknoprod AB is the lighting manufacturer. Since then, our lighting is commonly used by civil and defense users in Sweden. Our lighting equipment and accessories are dedicated to professional users who work in rough conditions. Therefore, VIKING LIGHTING is a perfect solution for the rescue and civil defense sector, warehouses, civil and military tents, shelters, workshops, and the construction industry, for example, equipment rental companies. As a result of the success of the Nordics, VIKING LIGHTING has become popular in other countries around the world. Especially where the type of work requires bright light and working conditions are extreme. Usually, the VIKING Lighting brand is associated with tent lighting. In addition, since we are the lighting manufacturer, we can introduce modifications and changes the user requires. Consequently, our lighting for rescue services can be customized according to the specifications of the customer.  

Where to find us?

Visitor address: Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Messegelände, 30521 Hannover, Germany Dates: 20 – 25 June 2022 VIKING LIGHTING invites you to our stand in Hall 26, booth D19 INTERSCHUTZ. Invitations: don't hesitate to contact for free entrance vouchers.   [caption id="attachment_2630" align="alignnone" width="300"]Interschutz invitation Interschutz invitation[/caption]

INTERSCHUTZ: Come and meet us!

VIKING Lighting & RETTmobil 2022


Fulda, Germany

May 11-13, 2022

Hall C, booth 919


RETTmobil 2022 the event:

VIKING Lighting's lighting equipment will be present during RETTmobil 2022, the international leading exhibition for rescue and mobility. RETTmobil originated in 2001. Therefore, thanks to its 20-year history, the fairs have developed into an important event for the European rescue industry. Secondly, in the past, the show hosted more than 500 exhibitors and 30,000 domestic (German) and foreign professional visitors. During the RETTmobil exhibition, the manufacturers present special vehicles, technology, and equipment as well as protective and hygienic clothing dedicated to firefighting, emergency, fire protection, and civil defense. In addition, the fairs give the best opportunity to obtain information directly from professionals.  The RETTmobil exhibition is a must for all rescue users and purchasers. Because we are the lighting equipment manufacturer, VIKING Lighting will be participating in the RettMobil 2022.

The dates:

VIKING LIGHTING will be present in Hall C, booth 919. Addresd: Paul-Klee-Straße 74, 36041 Fulda, Germany Dates:  11th -13th May 2022 See more:

What's for rescue teams?

Please get acquainted with our newest portable lighting equipment solution for use in a rough environment. The VIKING Lighting that is popular among the rescue teams is the VIKING Lighting LED type L212. Mainly because it is a lightweight but durable lighting piece. For more information, please see: The VIKING Lighting has been combat-proven by several rescue teams from different countries on a few continents. Therefore, it's well-known in Sweden, Germany, Japan, and France. The typical cases of use are natural disasters (earthquakes, heavy winds, and snow), accidents, and construction collapses. Moreover, the light is shadowless, so it can be efficiently used in medical tents. We have used the opal diffuser. As a result, doctors and medical staff are not exposed to the glare effect, which is commonly referred to as blinding. Other features include the lightweight aluminum housing, which protects the lighting from heating up. In conclusion, it has to be noted that medical services appreciate bright, white light with a value of 4000°K because this value corresponds to the parameters of natural light.   [caption id="attachment_2434" align="aligncenter" width="300"] pic. VIKING in a medical tent[/caption]  



Dresden, Germany

October 8-10, 2020

Hall 4 booth L-7



FLORIAN 2020 - the unique trade fair of the year in Germany - presents the latest innovations, technologies, and concepts for firefighting, rescue, fire protection, and civil defense. The event gives the best opportunity to obtain information directly from professionals. This year VIKING LIGHTING will be present at the INHAG-ZELTE stand Hall 4 booth L-7

Products for firefighters

We recommend VIKING LIGHTING equipment. Typically it is defined as floodlights for tents. This VIKING type has the following technical parameters:
  • Tent light with 2×36 W
  • 220V
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Corresponds to a 500 W bulb
  • Protection class IP 54 or IP 67
  • 5m supply line with Schuko plug
  • Aluminum housing with additional socket
For more information on this product, please see the link Viking LIGHTING is often used by firefighters at accident scenes. Most importantly, it is essential for firefighters to have compact equipment that can be transported in a van or firefighters' truck. Therefore, most miniature lamps are only 280 mm long. In addition, lighting one can use together with circular saws, because it can be connected directly to the lamp socket. Traditionally, Viking LIGHTING works in crises because it provides glare-free light. In addition, it has a lightweight aluminum housing with SBS side covers and is resistant to moisture, water splashes, impacts, damage, and vibrations. Homeland security and defense forces have tested our lighting solutions in severe conditions. The diverse configuration options and easy installation of the most commonly used VIKING LIGHTING L230 guarantee that this lighting solution works effectively in a wide range of application scenarios. Those can be it emergency response, military operations, or the precise world of medical help.

German sales agent

On availability in Germany, please see the link  Our sales representatives will be happy to answer your questions.

About the fairs.

please see more: [caption id="attachment_2232" align="alignnone" width="300"]logo Florian logo Florian[/caption]

At the IFRE 2019


Kielce, Poland

6 - 8. June 2019

the outdoor exhibition No. ZF-34

At the IFRE 2019
VIKING LIGHTING will be present at the 3rd International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition IFRE-EXPO, which will be held at TARGI KIELCE S.A. Zakładowa street 1, 25-672 Kielce Thursday (6.VI) 10:00 - 17:00; Friday, (7.VI) 10:00 - 17:00Saturday  (8.VI) 10:00 - 15:00 IFRE EXPO is a show for firefighter equipment manufacturers, rescue technology suppliers, and fire brigade units to meet and do business. We will present portable lighting solutions. Please come and meet us at the tent at the outdoor exhibition No. ZF-34 at the IFRE 2019 Medical Tent Medical Tent level 1
VIKING lighting for medical tents
Hospital tents have sections for patient registration and treatment. VIKING Lighting has been used in field hospitals for over 20 years. The portable lightweight lamp holder is very often used as temporary lighting. Depending on the customer's requirements, and in the case of field hospitals, the requirements of the army, Viking lighting can have a LED light source or traditional fluorescent tubes. The aluminum housing does not heat up and therefore the lighting is safe. Medical services appreciate bright, white light worth 4000K, which is the equivalent of natural light. The lamp has a milky shade that helps the doctors and medical personnel because they are not exposed to the glaring effect. The light generated by VIKING Lighting is shadowless. In effect of that feature, it is easier to take care of patients and perform minor medical procedures.
Additional features
In medical tents and field hospitals, VIKING Lighting is daisy-chained. This is possible thanks to an additional plug mounted on the lamp housing. The plug allows you to connect one lamp to another. We usually also supply additional power cords, extension cords, and adapters to the conditions of the place where the lamps are used. Teknoprod AB is the producer of VIKING Lighting and provides lamps with plugs and contacts adapted to your region/country. Lighting used in field hospitals has plugs adapted to the local standards. Please come and see our lighting products at the IFRE 2019.