Key features:

High output of light flow (in lumens 5600) compared to the size of lighting.

For instance, this result was possible by covering the lighting case with the milky screen.

However, we can use the transparent screen if the customer wants higher results. In this case, the actual flow of light will reach 7200 lumens.

Usually, we manufacture lighting with the white natural light of light color temperature of 4000K.

However, the lighting can be customized to warmer or colder light colors.

On top of its features, this lighting fixture is very efficient.



We recommend using VIKING Lighting L230 LED in large rooms based on its efficiency.  These are typically warehouses, storage spaces, and shelters.

The 8-meter-long oilproof cable is suitable for rough conditions.

However, at the customer’s request, we can modify the length of the cable or its parameters.

The rough conditions can be not only the oily surface of the flooring but also muddy or wet surfaces.

Secondly, this L230 LED can be easily daisy-chained through the additional socket.

The length of the lighting chain depends on the type of cable.

For example, for cable 3G1.5, you can connect 25 VIKING LIGHTING fixtures in one row.

Please note that the socket is placed on the opposite side of the cable outlet in lamps designed for daisy chains.

However, there can be a different assembly where we can put the socket and the cable outlet on one side of the fixture.

In addition, we can deliver a lamp with a cable coated with PCV or a cable with screen protection for the customer’s order.


Other customizations of VIKING LIGHTING L230 LED 230V AC:

VIKING LIGHTING is used in many countries where national standards for plugs and sockets vary.

Because we are the manufacturer, we can equip the lamp with the socket or plug required for a particular application or in a specific country.

The power grid powers the particular L230 LED 230V AC.

Another exciting solution for LED Lighting is the L230 110-120 AC, 

The most important is that the latter is quite universal regarding voltage.

In conclusion, we recommend L230 LED 230V AC in a sizeable temporary warehouse, primarily in rooms where the user wants to achieve white, natural light.

Daisy-chain of VIKING Lighting in a military warehouse for tanks
A daisy chain of VIKING Lighting in a military warehouse for tanks,
  • Light Source
    LED Panel
  • Wattage
    62W/ 230V AC
  • Light Color / Temperature
    White / 4000K
  • Life length for light sources
    40 000h
  • Weight
    2 kg
  • Measurements (mm)
  • Enclosure class
  • Luminous flow
    5600 lm actual
  • Colour Rendering Index
  • Cabel
    5m, H07RN-F 3G1,5
  • Plug/Socket
    230V Unischuko type, other national standards to order
  • Ballast
    LED driver
  • Approvals