Special features for the construction industry will be presented by VIKING Lighting on Nordbygg


Stockholm, Sweden

stand: B17:46

April 26 – 29, 2022

It's beginning this week! Nordbygg is the Europe Nordic region's largest meeting place for the building and construction industry and it gathers around 48 000 visitors every other year. Visitors come from the building sector in Sweden, but also the rest of the Nordics, Baltic countries, and Europe. At the Nordbygg-2022 fairs, the representatives of various industries related to construction sectors will be present such as:
  • the construction materials producers
  • energy and environmental technology
  • the glass industry
  • the construction service
  • HVAC producers.
VIKING Lighting® is very excited to participate in the Nordbygg exhibition for the first time. Our product dedicated to the construction market is the model VIKING Lighting® L230 LED IP54 Motion Sensor, Plug,  and Socket of Unischuko style are also in IP54. This VIKING Lighting® is equipped with a motion sensor that is sensitive to movements in the darkness. We strongly recommend it for use on construction sites. For example, lighting can be mounted on a container shelter, so the light switches on when the person is approaching.  The lighting can be used outdoor because humidity and water are splashproof, hit-, damage-, and vibration resistant. VIKING Lighting® has been tested in high and low temperatures resistant –VIKING Lighting® with an LED light source can efficiently work in temperatures from minus 30°C to plus 50°C. Light and rugged aluminum case with end-pieces of shock-absorbing SBS makes the lighting durable.  An oil-proof cable of 10 meters in length makes the VIKING Lighting® flexible to use on a construction site. VIKING Lighting® can be used indoors because of its low heat emission. Work comfort is secured by no glaring light and a long-life light source. There is a possibility of a daisy chain - several VIKING Lighting® may be linked together with an extra socket. Our lighting equipment and accessories are dedicated to professional users who work in rough conditions. Therefore, VIKING Lighting® is a perfect solution for the construction and buildings development sector, warehouses, civil and military tents, shelters, workshops, and construction equipment rental companies. Since we are a manufacturer, we can introduce modifications and changes required by the user. VIKING Lighting® has been invented in Sweden in 1989. Since then, our lighting is commonly used by civil and defense users in Sweden, Nordics, and other countries in the world where the type of work requires a bright light and working conditions are extreme. Visitor address: Stockholmsmässan, Mässvägen 1, Älvsjö, Sweden. Dates: April 26-29, 2022 VIKING Lighting will be present at the Teknoprod's stand: B17:46 Tickets: Only online registration is available for entrance tickets. No registration or redemption of voucher onsite. Please click here for registration https://ticket.stockholmsmassan.se/cgi-bin/fmsm/lib/pub/tt.cgi/Home.html?oid=1875&lang=2&ticket=g_u_e_s_t Nordbygg

VIKING LIGHTING on pneumatic mast of SVEP


New: VIKING LIGHTING on pneumatic mast developed by the SVEP company

So far, the VIKING Lighting was mounted on a fixed mast. Recently, we have put the VIKING LIGHTING on a pneumatic mast developed by the SVEP company. The SVEP's masts are designed by engineers as a modern construction with fully automated folding. The new solution is advanced yet easy to operate. The above-presented set is equipped with the VIKING LIGHTING LED type 230. For more details on this type of lighting please go to http://vikinglighting.com/pl/produkt/lampa-viking-l30110-230vac/ SVEP'mast can be folded to the size allowing transport for example in a bag such as shown in a picture. Mast together with the portable set of VIKING LIGHTING is a helpful solution for numerous outdoor activities. For more details on mast by SVEP please visit  http://www.svep.pl/aktualnosci/


We would like to kindly invite you to meet us and the Viking Lighting booth during ELFACK 2019, which will held in Gothenburg from 07th till 10th of May 2019. The Elfack Fair is the Nordic region’s largest meeting place where the entire electricity and power industry shows its new products and solutions to around 23,000 visitors.  VIKING LIGHTING will present the application in the construction industry and special equipment  sector. Please be invited to our booth No: A02:70. To get your ticket please register at: https://tickets.svenskamassan.se/projects/esuccess/bin/iisclt.cia?n&OpenSession&esproject&20023&21639&300052019&_ga=2.206151955.1649236884.1551953883-1519986564.1551953883

Meet us at Elmässan 2017

VIKING LIGHTING will be present at Elmassan, Kista (Stockholm area, Sweden). Please come and meet us at stand No N:09. Register at the below link for free entry: https://registration.n200.com/survey/2tastg2u2lsca